Friday, 6 November 2009


As you all knoe already, i went to York for the 1/2term holiday, well not Only York, i went to Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby i think.

Neway, it turns out  great, but not that great well actually it was okey.
to be honest, i don't really enjoy for most of the trip planned by my parents.
i wish i was the one that lead them where to go

however, they've made my day on the last day of our Trip
we went to KFC!!!
just to tell u guys that it is hard to find a halal KFC in the UK
but, on our way to go back home, my mom found out from her friend that there were a Halal KFC in Sheffield. So we went there straight after the BIG news.


i just couldn't tell u guys how i felt when i eat the KFC's chicken for like after 2 n 1/2 years.

Heres some pics: