Friday, 6 November 2009


As you all knoe already, i went to York for the 1/2term holiday, well not Only York, i went to Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby i think.

Neway, it turns out  great, but not that great well actually it was okey.
to be honest, i don't really enjoy for most of the trip planned by my parents.
i wish i was the one that lead them where to go

however, they've made my day on the last day of our Trip
we went to KFC!!!
just to tell u guys that it is hard to find a halal KFC in the UK
but, on our way to go back home, my mom found out from her friend that there were a Halal KFC in Sheffield. So we went there straight after the BIG news.


i just couldn't tell u guys how i felt when i eat the KFC's chicken for like after 2 n 1/2 years.

Heres some pics:

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Going to York tomorow for 3 days.
I just so excited eventho i don't knoe hows it gonna turns out.

Hope it'll be fun coz i heard theres a lot of amazin stuff.

i'll take some pics N show it to u guys and see what happens

Sunday, 25 October 2009


I'm Excited
I'm Exhausted.
I'm Slouching.
I'm Amused.
I'm Anxious.
N etc.

Neway, i had a great time today. Went out to my mom's friends and ate..
Not just that, Autumn is near to it's end, so we went to the park n took some pictures of the leaves miscarried from the tree; well actually a lot!!..

some of you might thought 'what is so 'great' going to eat n to the park?!'
Well, here is the story, for like ermm i dunno more than a moth i think i just stayed at home do random things, got revision to attend n blablabla. so i don't have than much time to have fun with my family N today i did.

This is some of the pics i took on the day..

This is Funny

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New Way To Cut A Watermelon!!

I like to play Badminton a lot n it has been like a year i haven't play it coz i had so much things to do. so, last week i started to play again and go to a badminton training at this school every Saturday.

Now, some of you might think,
'What the heck is badminton gotto do with cutting the watermelon??!!!
Well last night i went to 'YouTube' to find informations smashing the shuttle at badminton in a right technique. So i found this vids:-

I hope i could do that in the same way but on someone's head..

After you watch it, Plss Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think..

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Resit Exam..

Ermm, when i was in year 10, i took an early entry exam foundation tier in science, every student in my year did actually; 6 papers need to be done in one day. OMG!!
Neway, i only did 4 coz i already sit 2 papers before the day.

You don't even want to know what i've got but im gonna tell you anyway..
I only passed 3 papers.. :( what a shame.

So, in 2 weeks time. i'll be resitting the exam only on the paper that i didn't pass.
it is really my choice to resit it. so i decided to sit them coz i want to do the higher tier works; but in order to achieve that, i need to pass all 6 foundation tier papers N i think im ready.

Wish Me Luck!!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009


so, promised to u guys to tell u what happen today in school..
as i arrived in school i went to the reception.
i ask the is the convo..

Recep. : How can i help you?.
Me: Miss, have i got any letter from school to give it to my parents.
Recep. : I really don't know. If yes, it should be in the Communications Box.
Me: Ermm, i checked it yesterday but nothing in there for me.
Recep. : well i guess there's nothing for you then.
Me: Ok, thanks miss..*Smile*

Yay!..So there you go. no warning or any detention for me to attend..
Hek3..Theres a relief..


Thursday, 15 October 2009


Woke up late this morning(8:15a.m)..School's bell gone at 8:45a.m n i arrived at 8:50a.m

Went to school with my bike N it was raining. My bag; my Jacket N especially My hair, Ruined!!.
This is about the 6-8 times i came late. n the teacher that wait at the front of the door remembered my name. So, she put my name onto the break time detention list an i got a late stamp on my planner.

Later on the break time, i forgot to go to the detention. Oh Sh*t!!.
so, i was expecting a letter from school to my parents telling them what i have missed. Turns out theres nothing. Yay!!!

But, this is just odd, because every time if you fail to make through the detention(which is me) i'll get a letter telling me that i should attend a detention after school tomorroz.
i just have a bad feeling bout this. and again if fail to attend the one after school i'll be in a big trouble. the school gonna contact my parents!!..

Tomorroz im gonna wake up and go to school early; 1st thing i'll do - im gonna find out if i got any letter from school for my parents. 2nd - if i do, im gonna attend the Detention!!

I'll tell you what happen tomoroz..

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Just had a contact with my old fren. He's in M'sia(My Homecountry)
We talked and chat on Yahoo.
It was great!!..
Told him to give my email address to the rest of my frens.
Can't wait to accept the invitation from them.

Sorry for the lame on today's post.
i'm just not in a Good mood.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Start all over again..

Just to clarify..
This is my second blog; my first blog was messed up by... 'i dunno..'

I'm gonna start all over again with someftin diff..