Monday, 11 October 2010


On Saturday the 11th October 2008, 10:11pm a son's desire to have a little brother has been attained as a new born baby was gifted. The fact that as a brother gets a new little brother, he promised to himself to take care and educate the baby. Thanks to the Almighty for the gift because His gifts indeed can't be compare by or to any others. Certainly from Him he comes,to Him he'll return. 

Today is a special day because today is the day he was born into the family. I remembered each day I took care of him from the first day he came home, every time he cry my mom just cuddled him and I waited until my mom is done breast feeding him. :) Skipped to the day he turned 1 Years of age. I started to take over him from my mom's care except for the breast feeding ofcourse. From that day, my life just changed, I experience what every parents experienced. I guess every one who has a little brother or sister which is more than 10+ years of age different would now how it feels. 

Taking care a little brother is a very though jobs even if it may look simple actually it's not, especially for a brother who likes to take things easy. But now all that has changed, I make sure everything is clean, free from any impurities before handing it to my little brother. 

I have got more stories to tell about my little brother, 
but i haven't got enough time to finish this post in one day.
i'll continue this later. Sorry

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