Friday, 8 October 2010

Please Don't Let me Go

Where do I begin?
Should I tell you
How bad I need you now
You're underneath my skin
But I'm confused
My head is spinning all around
I waited so long
And I need to know,
darling What is on your mind?...
Normally I try to run
And I might even want to hide
Cause I never knew what I wanted
Til I looked into your eyes
So am I in this alone?
What I'm looking for is a sign
That you feel how I feel for you
Baby Please Don't Let Me Go..
What else can I say?
My heart is beating double time
And do you feel the same?
Don't leave me in the dark, no
But baby don't put out this spark, no
Caught in the inquisition
Under these conditions
I need a definition
Is it love that we're sharing
Show me that you're caring
You see my fascination
Tell me I'm not mistaken
Give me the information I need


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