Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sinar Cahaya Ayat Qursi.

There is a lot of wisdom by reciting the Al-Kursi. From what I have found, for those who are always recites the Al-Kursi, Allah S.W.T. will protect them from the Syaitan and villains from the world disasters by represents two of His angel to be with those people.

Here are the some of the wisdom I've found from the Hadith:

1) Whoever read the Al-Kursi when lying in bed, God will delegated two of his angel to be with them until dawn.
2) Those who read the Al-Kursi at the end of every fardhu prayers, he will lie in the Allah's protection until next prayer comes. 
3) Those who read the Al-Kursi at the end of every prayer, he will enter Paradise and whoever read it when going to sleep, Allah will keep his home and also the houses surround it.
4) Those who read the Al-Kursi by the end of every obligatory prayer, Allah will grant him all the grateful heart, whatever is true, Nabi's good deeds, and Allah have mercy on it.
5) Those who read the Al-Kursi before leaving home, Allah sent 70 000 angels to them - they all seek for forgiveness and pray for him.
6) Those who read the Al-Kursi at the end of prayers, Allah will take his soul and his conduct is such as those who fought with the Messenger of Allah to die as martyrs ..
7) Those who read the Al-Kursi, when having a hard time, Allah will be pleased to gives help to them.

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